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  • Freikarten im November

    Der Hausmeister vom Babylon hat mir gestern einen Stapel Freikarten rübergeschoben, selbige verteile ich gerne an alle, die mithelfen hier mehr Leben in die Bude zu bringen. Werft mit 50igern, schreibt feuchte Berichte, Gedichte oder überzeugt Eure Lieblingsperle, dass Blasvideos total prima für den Weltfrieden und ihren Umsatz sind! (Berichte gerne zu allen Clubs.)

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  1. G

    Thema: Guru at Babylon Feb 2019

    After a rather disappointing double visit in 2018 it was time to give Babylon a new chance recently. A whole week-end of freedom workwise, time to switch off. Booked a hotel nearby, all according to plan to spend 2 days in the club. Turned out otherwise. Arrived quite early Saturday, looking...
  2. A

    Thema: The end of the Bab summer

    Celebrating the end of a great summer in in this great club was a good idea, wasn't it? Even though I could only spend the early afternoon in the home of the beauties, I decided to go for it. Fortunately nobody is born on October 19 so that there was no queue checking in for a birthday, unlike...
  3. Michel

    Thema: Vanessa - Black beautiful girl

    So yesterday, the 19/08/2018 I went once again to Babylon for the twentieth time. This was my 20th visit for 1 1/2 years to close. I went there hoping to see my sex beast again, Vanessa. It's won she was there. After taking the time to drink a coffee and smoke a pipe on the verandah, I went back...
  4. A

    Thema: Alexis - most beautiful one in 2018

    That summer morning the Middle Aged Man decided to go for another walk in the Elsdorf Forest. He loved nature and especially the female creatures that live there. But this day was special: as soon as he walked into the forest he saw her sitting there on a bench, surrounded by two of her helpers...
  5. I

    Thema: Black Night / Paradiese Pearls

    With an idea and support from Albert, Do you want to make one night with ONLY black girls in the club roaster? No white girls have been working this night at the club. Mine is just an experiment, just to see. SHOULD TAKE YOUR VOTE SIR! NB The club has only 30 black pearls to find for this...
  6. L

    Thema: Cosmina

    :13:Too soft sex. Excuse me my dear Millhouse and Sailor, but Cosmina :13:cannot compete in the “A” Team of Babylon. For me she’s in third division...I joke:cool2:...But I can understand we are bewitched by a girl as I am with some of them (read my posts...). And a girl had sometimes a club of...
  7. T

    Thema: Options on the day

    After recovering from my first session with Naomi I decided to have another. This club is a bit out of the way unless you drive. The clients tend to be older Germans and a strong feature of this club for me is the African girls. There were five when I was there. Of the others I would have...
  8. P

    Thema: Visits in Babylon

    Visit on Saturday 23.4 Arrived around 3 PM, I find a smaller club than usual.The part with the bar is not accessible. A new bar should be ready on Thursday or Friday. The area for the lunch is thus much quieter than usual since the activity was concentrated in the other room. It reminded me of...
  9. P

    Thema: Visit in Babylon Saturday 2.4

    Visit in Babylon this Saturday thanks to a 30€ gift card from a tombola given by a generous guy. Thanks a lot to him, I did well with it :D. Around 25 women presents, as indicated in the planning the day after. Saturday morning, more than 30 were indicated in the planning. Eddy wasn't there. I...
  10. Naomi

    Thema: Archiv Naomi

    Naomi im Saunaclub Babylon
  11. Roberta 2012

    Thema: Archiv Roberta 2012

    Roberta 2012 im Saunaclub Babylon