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  1. Hungupdown

    Thema: hungupdown birthday, 4th March 2017

    Saturday, from 12:00 or so. I'm looking forward to putting some faces to names from the Forum. Sorry not to give more notice. I was, until today, unsure that I could make it. I have suggested a password to Eddy, but yet don't know if it will work. pm me if you want to give it a try. For...
  2. B

    Thema: what is a partytreff ?

    Hello everybody, i am new here, i am interresting to go in Saunaclub Babylon but i have a question : It's a partytreff? so i just have to pay the entrance ( 60 euros? ) and i can have sex with all girls all times i want? Thanks for help guys.
  3. Juicyjamie

    Thema: One day... in 2013... discovering BABYLON

    Hallo Babyloniens :cool: As a newbie from France, I'm gonna write in english because I don't speak a word of german (oh yes : ficken? ^^), and not so sure that a lot of people understand french here. It has taken a long time for me before writing this review because my only one visit in Babylon...
  4. Mila im Babylon

    Thema: Archiv Mila im Babylon

    Mila im Saunaclub Babylon
  5. C

    Thema: Die Weihnachtsgeschichte (H. Böll)

    Friede! Friede! Friede! Mathe! Mein Ding! Textaufgabe! Goil! Die Kernaussage obiger Quotienten soll sein: wenn man betrachtet, wie selten er "spamt" im Vergleich zu seiner Anzahl Beiträge und wie das bei manch anderem ist, dann ist das eher gering. Und, Nieko, auch wenn der Atze Spruch an sich...
  6. J

    Thema: Hotel

    Dear Sirs, could you please advice me a near hotel to Babylon club. Thanks