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  • Pool-Party im Babylon am Samstag, den 10. August 2024

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  1. Hansolo1969

    Thema: Birthday visit

    Hi All, I'm hoping to visit at the start of August Is it still free entry on birthday please?
  2. G

    Thema: Babylon 2018

    WC Football, perfect timing for a clubtour through NRW, 2 visits in Babylon (like I did in 2016). First visit on a wednesday, second visit on a saturday. Entryfee still 60 Euro, wellnessarea and gardenarea improved but unfortunately the weatherconditions were not advantageous. The showerarea...
  3. Zippo100

    Thema: Free entree?

    Just a short message to ask about the kontakt formular. I submitted a question last week asking info on the free entrance possibilities regarding your birthday. Sadly i did not get an answer? I visited Babylon frequently in the past and wanted to visit again after a period in which i was not...
  4. P

    Thema: Visits in Babylon

    Visit on Saturday 23.4 Arrived around 3 PM, I find a smaller club than usual.The part with the bar is not accessible. A new bar should be ready on Thursday or Friday. The area for the lunch is thus much quieter than usual since the activity was concentrated in the other room. It reminded me of...
  5. Juicyjamie

    Thema: One day... in 2013... discovering BABYLON

    Hallo Babyloniens :cool: As a newbie from France, I'm gonna write in english because I don't speak a word of german (oh yes : ficken? ^^), and not so sure that a lot of people understand french here. It has taken a long time for me before writing this review because my only one visit in Babylon...
  6. G

    Thema: 2 visits: 1 impression

    I visited Babylon twice last month, 60E entry on both occasions, a bit pricy in my opinion. I checked the list of girls, quite correct on both vistíts, just 4 or 5 girls which did not show up. On a weekday around 20 girls max, on saturday around 30 or so...Compared to end of 2015 certainly less...