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Apr 2017
So yesterday, the 19/08/2018 I went once again to Babylon for the twentieth time. This was my 20th visit for 1 1/2 years to close. I went there hoping to see my sex beast again, Vanessa. It's won she was there. After taking the time to drink a coffee and smoke a pipe on the verandah, I went back to the bar and she was there, sitting where she usually stands. What a pretty girl! Black, Nigerian and also his soul; what a nice girl.

We quickly understood what was going to happen. She spreads her legs on her stool, I slip and begins to kiss greedy. She was embarrassed, but she did it anyway. We go quickly in room 18 and there begin the antics. First she sucks my cock a little bit then I suck her breasts and then I notice that she is very sensitive to the point that she could come so nothing with her breasts, squeezing her legs harder nevertheless and my hand conceded between them. How delicious it is already! Then it's me who undertakes a Cunni.

She is very quick to get excited, barely a few minutes, and very directive as well, "like this, yes", "No, like that" Then she starts to moan and shake in an incredible way, I can not continue she withdraws and continues her convulsions, all her body for long seconds. Then she relaxes, lying down, slumped on her back, eyes rolled up and she breathes. I can not touch her, her face, her shoulder, her hips, anything! It is hypersensitive on the whole body. I can only do one thing to say "Hey! " to share both my astonishment and my satisfaction.

Then we start chatting on the corner of the pillow, it's often the easiest place to talk to a woman. Then, after a few minutes, we resume the antics, this time she wants me to masturbate with two fingers in her pussy while she masturbates me too. She absolutely wants vagina stimulation now, she does not want me to touch her clitoris and I quickly realize that she is coming a second time, as strong as the previous time by the clitoris.

And climax, what was my surprise, she ejaculated! She released a small jet of liquid that lubricated all of a sudden all over her pussy, wet my hand and stained the sheets. Here is a fountain woman, very rare, probably the only one in the club to know how to do that. Again she collapses on the bed and begins to moan and breathe to recover. What woman! I have never seen that before. I say that she is blessed by nature to have such a body capable of providing her with so much pleasure. I also explain what is the "squirt" women who ejaculate. She does not seem to know, to realize. What I also admire in her is her candor, her simplicity, not to say her naivety. She has resources she does not know. After a moment of rest, we propose a third set of our antics, I said, on the condition that I have a big cock, I penetrate you with my cock this time.

No problem, she quickly undertakes a new masturbation and a blowjob. Then put on the condom and we start the series of positions of Kamasutra! First the spoon, not easy for me, I do not have a tool that measures 25cm! Then, the interwoven position appreciated by Lesbians but here I have my cock well in her vagina. We only do this for a few moments, not easy. Then I propose to her to climb on Andromache, it is that she does immediately.

And there, too, I feel her body that starts to vibrate quickly and I encourage, "go darling", "go", "go go go" and she enjoys, collapses completely, filled, for the third time in an hour. Then I come myself soon after, she masturbated me at the same time as all that. What a woman Vanessa. You are a big one among the big ones! See you soon, repeat absolutely guaranteed. With you, sex is a pleasure of a very high quality.