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  1. P

    Thema: Visits in Babylon

    Visit on Saturday 23.4 Arrived around 3 PM, I find a smaller club than usual.The part with the bar is not accessible. A new bar should be ready on Thursday or Friday. The area for the lunch is thus much quieter than usual since the activity was concentrated in the other room. It reminded me of...
  2. P

    Thema: Visit in Babylon Saturday 2.4

    Visit in Babylon this Saturday thanks to a 30€ gift card from a tombola given by a generous guy. Thanks a lot to him, I did well with it :D. Around 25 women presents, as indicated in the planning the day after. Saturday morning, more than 30 were indicated in the planning. Eddy wasn't there. I...
  3. Joy

    Thema: Archiv Joy

    Joy im Saunaclub Babylon
  4. Diana

    Thema: Archiv Diana

    Diana im Saunaclub Babylon