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  1. Michel

    Thema: Vanessa - Black beautiful girl

    So yesterday, the 19/08/2018 I went once again to Babylon for the twentieth time. This was my 20th visit for 1 1/2 years to close. I went there hoping to see my sex beast again, Vanessa. It's won she was there. After taking the time to drink a coffee and smoke a pipe on the verandah, I went back...
  2. T

    Thema: Victoria

    J'etais jeudi 18 mai avec mon ami Luke. Pas mal de francophone et de compatriote Belge. J'arrive a 11h20, deja pas mal de filles. Des nouveaux visages agreables. Je dejeune, prend une leffe, discute avec luke, nicolas et d'autres... vers 13h je vois cette tres jolie blonde deja vue plus tot...
  3. L

    Thema: Jenny

    Hard sex. Jenny is very gifted for the job. Young teen-minded and open to all sort of fantasies. Very lovely face. I think she can become a real star of Babylon. GFE illusion - No it is not an illusion;)...- without restriction in action. Jenny is a mix of wild cat and Bambi darling:). And in...