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  • Pool-Party im Babylon am Samstag, den 10. August 2024

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  1. G

    Thema: Guru at Babylon Feb 2019

    After a rather disappointing double visit in 2018 it was time to give Babylon a new chance recently. A whole week-end of freedom workwise, time to switch off. Booked a hotel nearby, all according to plan to spend 2 days in the club. Turned out otherwise. Arrived quite early Saturday, looking...
  2. A

    Thema: Alexis - most beautiful one in 2018

    That summer morning the Middle Aged Man decided to go for another walk in the Elsdorf Forest. He loved nature and especially the female creatures that live there. But this day was special: as soon as he walked into the forest he saw her sitting there on a bench, surrounded by two of her helpers...
  3. R

    Thema: Hotel nearby Saunaclub Babylon in Elsdorf

    I’ll be traveling through the nrw in February and would like to visit this club. I’ll be driving and would like to have a safety net in case I drink alcohol. Is there a recommended hotel nearby? TIA!
  4. Hungupdown

    Thema: hungupdown birthday, 4th March 2017

    Saturday, from 12:00 or so. I'm looking forward to putting some faces to names from the Forum. Sorry not to give more notice. I was, until today, unsure that I could make it. I have suggested a password to Eddy, but yet don't know if it will work. pm me if you want to give it a try. For...
  5. T

    Thema: Options on the day

    After recovering from my first session with Naomi I decided to have another. This club is a bit out of the way unless you drive. The clients tend to be older Germans and a strong feature of this club for me is the African girls. There were five when I was there. Of the others I would have...
  6. Mila im Babylon

    Thema: Archiv Mila im Babylon

    Mila im Saunaclub Babylon