• Um Kenner mit Zugriff auf den inneren Bereich zu sein, einfach alle paar Wochen einen Bericht mit mehr als 100 Wörtern schreiben!
  • Pool-Party im Babylon am Samstag, den 10. August 2024

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  1. G

    Thema: Memoirs of a wasted youth

    Ánd what shall the poor girl wear To all tomorrow's parties? A sleeve of tats from who knows where To all tomorrows parties Over the last 18 months or so I have got to really enjoy visiting Babylon. The surroundings are comfortable, the food is reasonable, and you can get a few beers...
  2. Admin

    Thema: Help with translation

    I am looking for someone with perfect knowledge for translation of these words: http://www.saunaclub-babylon.com/saunaclub-service/
  3. Hungupdown

    Thema: Not smoking girls / Nichtraucher Damen

    The ladies inclinations sometimes include "Rauchen"as an attribute. To me as a non-smoker this is a negative point. I don't much enjoy ashtray mouths, and can appreciate why non-smoking girls may be reluctant to kiss heavy smokers. I'm guessing that "Rauchen" is not shown for every girl that...