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Ánd what shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrow's parties?
A sleeve of tats from who knows where
To all tomorrows parties

Over the last 18 months or so I have got to really enjoy visiting Babylon. The surroundings are comfortable, the food is reasonable, and you can get a few beers, including Leffe. You are surrounded by a good selection of pretty, naked girls, and the selection changes gradually over time but with a good chance that you will know some of the faces (and perhaps more) from previous visits. In summer the garden is a good place to lie, relax and watch the comings and goings, and even in winter the indoors is pretty comfortable. And the GPL/AWL is a good indication of who may and may not be there, even if its not always 100% (danke sie Rummelhummel), while the Forum gives a lot of useful background on what to expect from many of the SPs.

And so it was a couple of weeks ago when I made my first visit for a while, with early spring in the air. Arriving just after 11, I followed a rather battered old German 'luxury’ car with RO plates for the last kilometer or so. A female figure was curled up in the passenger seat. Walking through from the parking to the front entrance and ringing the bell there it was again outside, with the red haired female figure bidding a fond farewell to her (male) chauffeur, before she followed me in. And so it goes....

I like Babylon just after it opens for the day. When the air inside is still cool and clean, and everything is arranged in its place and the first few naked girls are having a coffee and giving themselves a look in the mirror to make sure that they are at their best. I like the glimpse of girls undressing in the changing area, the food set out on the buffet and the sense of anticipation. I like to watch the girls come out, take a coffee or a drink and look around for the first man of the day. I like to catch sight of the panty or bra strap marks, still visible on their skin as ghosts of another life beyond the front door. I like to take things slowly. The first unhurried hour in Babylon while it's still quiet - that's wonderful.

And so it was that day. I sat and sipped my coffee and looked around, quickly seeing some familiar faces: Kaschida (looking better than on previous visits, perhaps with a bit more covering - but still not my type), Barbie (who looks like what it says on the tin), Gabriella, Bella, Michelle, Tamara...

One of the things that I've learned is that an enjoyable day requires preparation and flexibility. My plan was to start with a younger SP, perhaps Lora, Ella, Dolli or Mirella. But Ella doesn't quite do it for me - attractive in her glasses, but just not quite the person I was looking for - and I can't recognize any of the others (I later realize that Lora was there, but with her hair now dyed bwn - maybe next time).

A thin, attractive girl with sharp features called Alexa approached me and introduced herself brightly as "new”and "fresh”- this told me that she was neither new nor fresh to the business, but she also had a certain something that was interesting. Also the red haired girl from earlier had now appeared, stark naked, and I took her to be Simona. Nice figure, 'girl next door' looks. Nobody else quite did it for me at that stage.

I had just decided to go with Alexa when she went off with someone else, so on a whim I went with Simona. She is friendly, with a good figure and medium-sized tits. In the room she kissed lightly and gave a decent BJ. She seemed to enjoy a long DATY, then some more BJ, and then sex. As it was the first of the day I let the session stretch out, with plenty of positions. All in all a good start to the day, with a willing if slightly shy partner.

Have a couple of drinks and a rest. By this time the place has filled up; about 40 girls including some familiar faces - Elli, Maria, Marcella, Daria... there's movement and conversation, which is also enjoyable.

I had been watching a very attractive black girl, whom I took to be Katja, for a while. The GPL says that she's 40, but she doesn't look a day over 30, with an attractive, friendly face and a supple firm body. We have a chat, and the deal is done.

In the room, Katja is a marvel. Lots of open-mouthed DFK and tongue followed by a long and very good BJ. Katja gives deep BJ with plenty of variation and no hands. I have already decided on an hour with her, so I just lie back and enjoy the experience. I give her a long lick, which she seems to enjoy. then sex. She starts on top, then we move into mish, then anal doggie. She says that she hasn't done anal in a while (not much call for it at Bab) and so is quite tight. Move onto anal mish, and then she resumes the long BJ to a happy ending.

All in all the experience with Katja was one of the most enjoyable sessions that I have had in a long time, and thoroughly repeatable. A really relaxing, enjoyable hour with a warm and friendly partner. The only small minus point is that girls at Bab don't seem to prep themselves for anal - elsewhere girls take a couple of minutes to get ready - and this leaves them a bit tighter than I would like, at least at the beginning (perhaps some of the Bab anal experts will have a view on this).

By now its 16:00 so chill, relax and watch the world go by until I'm ready for some more fun. Both Sarah and Marianna have been on my 'to do’ list for a while, as I find their tall, statuesque figures very exciting. So has Micky, who looks fit, athletic and fun. And then there is Alexa... It's a tough choice, but On this occasion I decide that while Marianna has a more çlassic’ figure than Sarah, today she has a slightly more serious look. So today it's Sarah.

Sarah turns out to be a good choice. We have quite a long chat before she suggests a room. Once in the room some cuddling and kissing, not as wild and open as Katja but still very satisfying. Good BJ with ball licking, enjoyable sex in positions, and then a satisfying and professional BJ to a happy end. Again, highly repeatable.

At this point a smartly dressed Aranca arrives and, having greeted the staff warmly goes downstairs and emerges stark naked and booted a few minutes later. The only word for her is radiant - her skin glows, she looks happy to be there, her lithe body looks fit and radiates health and happiness. And, of course, she's fully booked and goes immediately to greet her first partner. Maybe one day...

Have a few conversations with other guests in Germany and French, have a few beers and look around. By this time its 21:00 and many of the girls are starting to go home or to disappear into the changing room To chat and sit out he rest of the evening. Eventually go with Lana, whom I've seen a few times. By this stage in the day her tall amply covered body and large breasts look like they could give a fun session. And this is what we have, with positions and a good BJ at the end. Lana slightly spoils it by spinning things out to 35 minutes and then charging me for an hour. So an OK session, but I'd keep a better eye on the clock if I went with her again.

And so the day ended - overall a very enjoyable, relaxing and satisfying day out, that left me looking forward to my next visit.

And what will she do with Thurday's rags
When Monday comes around?
She'll turn once more to Sundays clown
And cry behind the door


Up early on a grey Thursday and to Babylon, arriving at about 12:00. Probably around 20 girls there, and about the same number of men. My arrival reduces the average age, and the average weight (although I am neither young nor thin). More girls drift in over the next half hour os so, until by 12:30 there are probably around 35 girls there.

Enter to see a tall, attractive girl with long brown hair, and shapely breasts, who I later guess is Timea. Almost immediately see several familiar faces - Dolli, Melissa, Aylin, Daria (returned from a break), Sarah, Kelli, Lara... In the cellar Katja is getting ready, so things are looking up. Several unfamiliar faces, not least a fair-haired girl who says that she is Julia. A few missing faces, not least Maria, Gabriella, Marissa and Marianna, some of whom I had plans for. But that’s the fun of Bab - always enough choice but a changing cast.

Have a coffee, consider my options. Julia is a possibility, Alexa is also apparently there, I have already seen Dolli. But Timea is the one that I find most attractive so, as she’s free, have a brief conversation and then off to a room.

I quickly realise that this is a major error. I should have guessed from the way that she stayed on her own on a sofa, seemed nervous and didn’t make eye contact.

The room is a complete disaster. She doesn’t want to kiss, and then when I kiss her shoulders in an attempt to warm her up a bit, immediately starts wiping her shoulders clean with a tissue. She doesn’t like to have her nipples licked, doesn’t like to have her pussy licked, says that shes’s ticklish so doesn’t really want any contact - in fact generally doesn’t like the job that she is doing. Sex is poor, after a few minutes I find myself thinking not about what I’m doing with her, but about what it would be like with one of several girls outside the room whom I wish that I had picked in stead. So I end the session without coming and pay her off. Cost 50 Euro, enjoyment 0. YMMV.

I’m feeling like a decent session, and both Kelli and Julia are attractive prospects. But don’t want another disaster like Timea, so decide to play it (pleasurably) safe - Dolli is sitting on her own, so it falls to her to salvage the disastrous morning so far. So we have a quick chat (she remembers me from some previous sessions)and off to the room. Dolli is a lovely, friendly girl with a clear idea of what she does and where her limits are. She is a star for pure uncomplicated GF6, and during the day I see her in several long, involved conversations with a couple of regulars where they clearly have a GF relationship, with lots of chat and laughter and a little sex at the end. I need things to go a little faster, so we have some light butterfly kisses, she gives me a shallow but satisfactory BJ followed by 69, and then enjoyable if conventional sex. I come quite quickly, and feel restored.

Have some lunch and watch the comings and goings. Babylon is not so busy today; mainly older men although some younger ones, probably in their mid to late 30s, come in in groups of 2 or 3 during the afternoon. Meanwhile in the back a group of builders are working on Eddy’s latest building project, which I think is a heated outdoor area at the back. The girls come and go for a smoke, the men lie around half naked, girls do a couple of men on a mattress on the lawn, and the builders work steadily on. They even go through to get their lunch off the buffet. Only in Germany.

After Katja was the star performer on my last visit, round 2 was always going to be with her. So when she comes over to me to grab me for a session, I tell her that I’d love to, but need another half hour or so of recovery time. She then gives me a DFK which convinces me that I don’t need any more time and I ought to be rushing downstairs with her immediately. So I do.

There follows another hour of pure pleasure - Katja is incredibly sensual, with long, open kisses and caresses. Her BJ is deep and varied, I lick her, we do sex in a series of positions, then another log BJ to happy end. All in all a passionate and magical session with a very classy lady. Definitely to be repeated.

It turns out that Katja and Shana were watching previous events from their eyrie at the end of the bar, and cannot believe that I could have managed two rooms with only 15 minutes recovery time between them. Katja Laughs when I tell her that it was really 1 1/2 sessions, and tells me off for starting with an inexperienced girl rather than going for maturity and skill. Perhaps she has a point.

More time passes. On a whim do Justina. She does some kissing, although not as deep or prolonged as Katja, but where she excels is her BJ. She goes hard, fast and deep, and keeps working. Nice to just lie back and watch her body in the mirror. then sex, which is athletic and sweaty, and then more BJ to a happy end. A bit transactional but still a lot of fun, and the BJ in particular was very well done.

Sit back, relax, watch the comings and goings (particularly the comings) until about 9:30 when it is time for a goodnight BJ. Turns out this is completely the wrong time, as almost all the girls are either busy or going home. By 10 o’clock the main options such as Daria, Roberta, Gina and Sarah are going home, so go with Lana. Lana is a friendly and hard-working girl, but she does herself no favours by sitting and waiting for someone to approach her. So she gets bored, and it shows. But once she is approached, and particularly in the room, she is very open, kisses well, gives a very good, wet BJ and goes at sex fast and furiously. We have a really sweaty session before I come and go myself. All in all a good day with a few high points that more than offset the low point with Timea.


Als Service die Google-Translate Übersetzung des interessanten Postes von George_bickham

" An einem grauen Donnerstag früh auf und nach Babylon, wo wir gegen 12:00 Uhr ankommen. Wahrscheinlich ungefähr 20 Mädchen dort und ungefähr die gleiche Anzahl an Männern. Meine Ankunft reduziert das Durchschnittsalter und das Durchschnittsgewicht (obwohl ich weder jung noch dünn bin). Mehr Mädchen driften in der nächsten halben Stunde ein, bis 12:30 Uhr sind wahrscheinlich 35 Mädchen da.

Treten Sie ein, um ein großes, attraktives Mädchen mit langen braunen Haaren und wohlgeformten Brüsten zu sehen, von dem ich später annehme, dass es Timea ist. Fast sofort sehen Sie einige bekannte Gesichter - Dolli, Melissa, Aylin, Daria (nach einer Pause zurückgekehrt), Sarah, Kelli, Lara... Im Keller macht sich Katja fertig, also geht es aufwärts. Mehrere unbekannte Gesichter, nicht zuletzt ein blondes Mädchen, das sagt, dass sie Julia ist. Ein paar fehlende Gesichter, nicht zuletzt Maria, Gabriella, Marissa und Marianna, für die ich Pläne hatte. Aber das ist der Spaß von Bab - immer genug Auswahl, aber eine wechselnde Besetzung.

Trinken Sie einen Kaffee, überlegen Sie sich meine Möglichkeiten. Julia ist eine Möglichkeit, Alexa ist anscheinend auch da, Dolli habe ich schon gesehen. Aber Timea ist diejenige, die ich am attraktivsten finde, also, da sie frei ist, ein kurzes Gespräch führen und dann in einen Raum gehen.

Mir ist schnell klar, dass dies ein schwerwiegender Fehler ist. Ich hätte davon ausgehen sollen, dass sie alleine auf einem Sofa blieb, nervös wirkte und keinen Augenkontakt hatte.

Der Raum ist eine völlige Katastrophe. Sie will sich nicht küssen, und als ich sie dann ein wenig aufwärmen will, beginnt sie sich sofort mit einem Papiertaschentuch über die Schultern zu wischen. Sie möchte nicht, dass ihre Brustwarzen geleckt werden, sie möchte nicht, dass ihre Muschi geleckt wird, sagt, dass sie kitzlig ist, also möchte sie eigentlich keinen Kontakt - im Allgemeinen mag sie den Job, den sie macht, nicht. Sex ist schlecht, nach ein paar Minuten denke ich nicht mehr daran, was ich mit ihr mache, sondern wie es mit einem von mehreren Mädchen außerhalb des Zimmers sein würde, von denen ich wünschte, ich hätte es stattdessen ausgesucht. Also beende ich die Sitzung ohne zu kommen und bezahle sie. Kosten 50 Euro, Genuss 0. JMMV.

Ich fühle mich wie eine anständige Sitzung und sowohl Kelli als auch Julia sind attraktive Interessenten. Aber wollen Sie keine weitere Katastrophe wie Timea, also entscheiden Sie sich (erfreulicherweise) auf Nummer sicher zu gehen - Dolli sitzt alleine und es liegt an ihr, den bisher katastrophalen Morgen zu retten. Also unterhalten wir uns kurz (sie erinnert sich an einige frühere Sitzungen) und gehen in den Raum. Dolli ist ein liebes, freundliches Mädchen mit einer klaren Vorstellung davon, was sie tut und wo ihre Grenzen liegen. Sie ist ein Star für reines unkompliziertes GF6 und ich sehe sie tagsüber in mehreren langen Gesprächen mit ein paar Stammgästen, in denen sie eindeutig eine GF-Beziehung haben, mit viel Plauderei und Lachen und ein bisschen Sex am Ende. Ich brauche Dinge, die ein bisschen schneller gehen, damit wir ein paar leichte Schmetterlingsküsse haben. Sie gibt mir einen flachen, aber zufriedenstellenden BJ, gefolgt von 69, und dann genießbaren, wenn konventionellen Sex. Ich komme ziemlich schnell und fühle mich wiederhergestellt.

Essen Sie etwas zu Mittag und beobachten Sie das Kommen und Gehen. Babylon ist heute nicht so beschäftigt; hauptsächlich ältere Männer, obwohl einige jüngere, wahrscheinlich Mitte bis Ende 30, nachmittags in Gruppen von 2 oder 3 Personen erscheinen. Im Hintergrund arbeitet eine Gruppe von Bauherren an Eddys neuestem Bauprojekt, das meiner Meinung nach ein beheizter Außenbereich im Hintergrund ist. Die Mädchen kommen und gehen rauchen, die Männer liegen halbnackt herum, Mädchen machen ein paar Männer auf einer Matratze auf dem Rasen und die Baumeister arbeiten stetig daran. Sie gehen sogar durch, um ihr Mittagessen vom Buffet zu bekommen. Nur in deutschland

Nachdem Katja bei meinem letzten Besuch die Hauptdarstellerin war, war Runde 2 immer bei ihr. Wenn sie zu mir kommt, um mich für eine Sitzung zu schnappen, sage ich ihr, dass ich das gerne tun würde, aber noch etwa eine halbe Stunde Erholungszeit benötige. Sie gibt mir dann einen DFK, der mich überzeugt, dass ich keine Zeit mehr brauche und ich sollte sofort mit ihr die Treppe hinunter rennen. So ich mache.

Es folgt eine weitere Stunde puren Vergnügens - Katja ist unglaublich sinnlich, mit langen, offenen Küssen und Liebkosungen. Ihr BJ ist tief und abwechslungsreich, ich lecke sie, wir machen Sex in einer Reihe von Stellungen, dann noch ein Log BJ bis zum Happy End. Alles in allem eine leidenschaftliche und magische Session mit einer sehr noblen Lady. Auf jeden Fall wiederholt werden.

Es stellt sich heraus, dass Katja und Shana frühere Ereignisse aus ihrem Horst am Ende der Bar beobachtet haben und nicht glauben können, dass ich zwei Räume mit nur 15 Minuten Erholungszeit zwischen ihnen hätte verwalten können. Katja lacht, als ich ihr sage, dass es wirklich 1 1/2 Sitzungen waren, und sagt mir, dass ich mit einem unerfahrenen Mädchen angefangen habe, anstatt mich auf Reife und Geschicklichkeit zu konzentrieren. Vielleicht hat sie einen Punkt.

Mehr Zeit vergeht. Aus einer Laune heraus, Justina. Sie küsst ein bisschen, obwohl nicht so tief oder lang wie Katja, aber wo sie sich auszeichnet, ist ihr BJ. Sie geht hart, schnell und tief und arbeitet weiter. Schön, sich einfach zurückzulehnen und ihren Körper im Spiegel zu beobachten. dann Sex, der sportlich und verschwitzt ist, und dann mehr BJ zu einem Happy End. Ein bisschen transaktional, aber trotzdem viel Spaß, und insbesondere der BJ war sehr gut gemacht.

Lehnen Sie sich zurück, entspannen Sie sich und beobachten Sie das Kommen "
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


I can’t get no satisfaction, I can't get no girl reaction
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, no no no

When I’m watchin’ my TV and a man comes on and tells me
How stiff my cock could be
But he can’t be a man ‘cause he doesn’t take
Thé same blue pills as me
I can’t get no, no no no

And so, one day in early August, to Babylon, arriving just as it is opening. The usual mix of around 25 girls there. Some notable presences - Alexa, Julia, Ellie, Kellie, Gabriella, Sasha, Angela.... - and also some important absences - Sarah, Alexis, Marianna, Lana, Claire.... Bella arrives after a long absence, looking fresh, relaxed, smiling and ready to join the fray.

There are not so many men that day, perhaps because it is high summer. The girls settle in and wait. They know that nobody makes a move before around 12:30, so male and female guests settle down and size each other up over coffee and late breakfast.

My plan was to start with a young new arrival, perhaps Angela (who is there, but I don’t find so attractive in the flesh) or Marti (not there), followed by Julia or Roberta, or perhaps Sarah. Soon establish that Katja isn’t there, which is a blow as I would have had to repeat our wonderful session of last time, but her absence opens up opportunities elsewhere so I look around and review my options.

Early in the day I see a tall, tanned, shapely girl called Isadora. Very attractive, but seems to just sit on her own waiting, and doesn’t seem popular. Perhaps I should have tried, though.

Eventually on a whim do Mirella. She is small, slender without being skinny, deeply tanned with an attractive face. In the room she is quite professional, in all senses of the word - a few light butterfly kisses, shallow BJ for a while, then condom on. She lies back and allows sex to take place. I come, we go. Adequate, but with no ‘illusionsfaktor’. No need to repeat in the future.

Meanwhile Working Girls must work, or they become bored. And there are few things less exciting than a bored Woking Girl. Sitting in the garden, I overhear a long and fascinating conversation between Klara and Shana on their philosophies of life and Working. Non-Ger, man speakers might want to take note that both speak excellent English. Meanwhile Roberta, Julia and much of the rest of the Romanian faction are out on the sofa in the garden, making an approach difficult and getting increasingly bored because they are not being approached. Roberta subjects her Labia Majora to careful and minute inspection for several minutes - eventually she seems satisfied that they are all present and correct. Julia plucks at her pubic stubble with a pair of tweezers and then wipes the resultant plucked hairs off onto her towel. Deeply unerotic. A Working Girl must work....

Time for some action. Approach Gina, who quickly suggests a room. I ask after AV, and am told ‘yes - for an extra 300 Euro’. So thanks, but no thanks. It escapes me why a Working Girl would offer AV and then ask a silly price: I would have thought more of her had she said « I don’t feel like it today » or even « I don’t feel like it with you ». Offering a silly price is just annoying.

But, as she does have a good reputation, do a conventional session with her. Nothing special, quite mechanical. Some kissing, some not very exciting BJ, sex, get paid.

It is left to Sorana to save the day. Sorana is not bored, in fact she brings her beautiful, tall and slender body right up to me and I find that her breasts are just the right size to fit in my hands. I ask her whether she would like to give me a long BJ, and it turns out that she would - a Working Girl must work... She is friendly, open and motivated to give her clients a good and relaxing service, as well as technically skilled. We have a long, sensual session starting with plenty of DFK and then a deep, slow and thoroughly enjoyable BJ, progressing to very sensual GF6 and an eventual happ end. Then we talk for a while and she gives me one of her well-known massages, which leaves me feeling genuinely relaxed. Soar an has a really good, positive attitude and understands that the is providing her clients a service. I would thoroughly recommend her, and I’m sure that her earnings will be put to good use.

By this time the sun is starting to get long in the sky, almost all the girls are smoking and talking by the pool, and I’m pretty much played out too. I have a relax and then a goodnight BJ from Lana, and then home feeling pleasantly relaxed.

Babylon on a slow day can be annoying, but also relaxing. The choice is more limited, but there still seem to be a few high quality providers, and there is always the chance to renew acquaintance with girls like Sorana that might not have been my first choice, but nonetheless merit the attention, and give back in return.


A warm and sunny end of August day saw me heading for the small Rhineland town of Elsdorf. At first sight, little distinguishes Elsdorf from so many other small German towns - a successful Mittelstand sugar factory, a few stolpersteine around the central crossroads witnessing to a darker past. But like so many other small German towns, Elsdorf has a world-class SME located on an industrial estate on the edge of town - probably unremarked by passers-by, but well-known in its sector and competitive with the best in the world. And unusually for Germany this enterprise is not a manufacturer, but a provider of services.

For Babylon is indeed a world-class KMU - around 15 employees serving behind the bar, cleaning and cooking, while (depending on the day) 15 - 40 self-employed sub-contractors attend to its visitors. Between them they provide an attractive venue for an afternoon lying by the pool, drinking a few beers and generally watching the female subbies - who endearingly don’t wear any clothes - wander by.

The main reason for my visit was to renew my acquaintance with Katja, and the GPL had assured me that she would be there. But when I arrived, no sign, and she was not expected that day. So until next time, Katja - you were sorely missed.

In fact, the line-up is quite limited although with a few attractive options. Julia and Justina are there, so are Ella, Bella, Mary, Georgiana, Kellie and Lana. Gina is there, but after last time’s rather indifferent experience I’m not interested. Aylin also, and a small, attractive girl with a slight limp who I later find out is Susi. But no Roberta, Sarah, Klara, Tamara, to name but a few. I had hoped that Isadora would be there as a first session, but she isn’t (she appeared later in the afternoon).

After a bit of thought, go with Alexa. This turns out to be a very good move. Alexa is slender and trim with an attractive but to me not classically beautiful face. She speaks good English. We sit down and have quite a long chat, probably the longest I’ve had with a Babylon girl before a first room. She wants to know a little about me, and tells me a little about her, before we go off to a room.

In the room she does a really skilled, sensual BJ with lots of variation which convinces me within 5 minutes that I’m with her for an hour. Then we do 69, which she enjoys, then more BJ. Her BJ is fabulous - slow, varied in depth, lots of tongue variation. Then sex, which is engaged and long. Then we talk. She has an open, engaged personality and is clear what she does - provide enjoyable sexual services to her clients, for which she receives payment. She si friendly and your companion for the moment, and very focused on your pleasure. There's no illusion that she is your girl-friend, but she gives an excellent, friendly and relaxing service. Highly repeatable, highly recommended.

Then consider my options. Julia and Justina are there, Justina involved and quite pushy, Julia ignoring me. Justina wants to do a threesome with Alexa - I wonder how the slow, sensual style of Alexa and the faster and more athletic style of Justina would mix (maybe Alexa can do PS6 too... ).

In the end I go with Bella, who is her usual shapely smiling self, sitting in her usual seat in the main room by the wall. Immediately rediscover the problem that we had last time, which is communication. Bella speaks virtually no German, and virtually no English, so the communication side is difficult. In the room she is well-meaning, but only light butterfly kisses and shallow BJ. Sex is OK, but not more. All in all, a satisfactory session but nothing more.

By now its about 15:00 and an ‘afternoon shift’ are starting to arrive., including Isadora. She remains an enticing prospect for another time. Chat with Eddy and Astrid; Eddy for once is not building anything - perhaps because its August and the builders are all on holiday.

Also a tall woman with black, ringletty hair and tan lines. I’ve not seen her before but somehow she is familiar (perhaps from a misspent youth elsewhere). We get talking, and it turns out that she is Celine, German, and only works at weekends. We have a pleasant chat, she’s very much ‘old school’, asking me about my interests, what car I drive and so on. When she discovers that I can dance (badly) suddenly I’m the best dancer in the world, and I shuffle and she moves somewhat more gracefully over the floor. Fun, an elegant pick-up. But when we find ourselves in a room, the chat continues, with more compliments about being not old, unfit and so on than I think that I merit. We chat, occasional butterfly kisses, and it's a bit like a slightly awkward first date, except that I'm paying, so 10 minutes or so in I start to wonder ’and so when are you going to suck my cock? ' Sex when it comes is a bit awkward, and not really very pleasurable. I'm just not in the mood. But we have a long and gossipy chat afterwards. I'm sure that Celine makes a wonderful 'girl friend’for long sessions on a Saturday afternoon, but the chemistry simply wasn't there with me.

So after a brief period of recovery, go off to find Justina, who dishes out exactly what I need at the time - good, no nonsense, athletic sex with a happy end. So leave with a smile on my face, following on extremely good, one good and one acceptable session, plus a misfire.

All in all Babylon in August is a bit quiet for my liking; there are just enough girls to have a good day, but I would have preferred a wider choice (and Katja). But on the other hand with relatively few men in attendance, perhaps its not surprising.

Zu Asche, zu Staub, dem Licht geraubt
Doch noch nicht jetzt, Wunder warten bis zuletzt

Es ist doch nur eine Traum
Die blosse Haschen nach dem Wind
Wer weiss es schon genau


As the new website seems to have settled down, here is a belated memorial of my last visit.

It was a grey day in November, and I arrived just after 11:00 to find around 15 ladies and a couple of men. Immediately recognise Georgiana, Daria, Antonia, Karla, Rose plus some new faces. The breakfast buffet is appetizing, but quickly stripped of bacon – more in future, please! Settle in for a late breakfast. Meanwhile Dolli, Bella, Mary and a few others arrive. Two young, small newcomers who I later establish are Larissa and Selena, appear, with tanned taut bodies with small but perky breasts - interesting prospects.

A final wave Of ladies arrives around 12:00, including newly returned Alice, looking statuesque as always, now with an ash-blonde mane, and a new girl with bright red hair and an interesting, sharp face.

Time for some action. Try to enter a conversation with Julia, but as usual, she’s not interested. So on a whim, approach Alice, with whom I have not had the pleasure before but who has caught my eye. The deal is quickly done. In the room it Is OK but doesn’t match the many rave reviews I have seen, perhaps because it’s the first of the day for both of us – Alice doesn’t really want to Kiss or cuddle, although she does an excellent BJ. Sex is OK, although as it’s my first session, and the BJ has got me excited, I come faster than I would have liked. All in all OK but not as much enjoyment as I had expected. The chemIstry just wasn’t there, I suppose.

14: 00 - time to relax and look at my options. The place is filling up, a few more ladies and quite a few men. But no sign of Katja, whom I had been looking forward to seeing again – although she was on the GPL, she had clearly decided to take a day off. So eventually approach Selena. Selena is 21, trim, black hair, tanned body with small, pert tits and despite her years, she had already worked in Hamburg, Hannover, Vienna and other places. She was open and friendly, not ‘professional’ and once in the room starts one of the best BJs that I’ve ever had - ten minutes of slow, varied, no hands pleasur which convinces me that I’m there for an hour. Cuddling, sex in several positions, more BJ, more sex, happy end. Overall a fantastic experience, and to be repeated if at all possible.

Unfortunately Selena was excellent as working girls go, and as working girls go, she went – she seems to have moved on after Christmas. We can only hope that she reappears At Bab after a break or some further adventures, in which case definitely to be repeated.

Time passed. By now there are a lot of gIrls, and not so many men, so the gIrls who don’t put themselves around And hustle for business tend to get left alone, and to get bored. Some don’t help by forming tight groups speaking Romanian or Bulgarian and smoking furiously, as it means even if someone is interested, it is difficult to make an approach.

I had pretty much decided on Justina, and she must have guessed because had been hustling me a bit during the afternoon – she kept on saying that she was bored, not enough men, not enough money, when would I take her to a room, and so on. Once we get to the room, she started off gloomy and grumbling, but soon cheered up a bit and gave a very good performance. KIssuing a bit cigarette-laden, followed by a very good BJ (not quite as good as Selena, athletic s in a few positions and then more BJ to happy end. Just what I needed. Overall Justina is recommended as a safe bet; she can be relied upon to give a good service.

Have a couple of beers and some supper – steak is now on the tageskarte, and very good it was too – and then my mind turns to how to finish the evening. But this stage some of the gIrls have gone home, and others have disappeared into the changing room to chat. Many of the men have also gone home.

Eventually SabIna comes into the front area for a cigarette, and we get chatting. She has interested me all day; she looks uncomplicated and fun, and that is what she turns out to be. She is German, and has spent the last seven years in various NRW clubs, and is up front that she is here to provide a service for which she is paid, and where her client expects fun and illusion, not just a mechanical service. I like her openness and god humor.. She has had a rather stressful day and is a bit jumpy. Nonetheless after another cigarette and some more chat we go to a room, where she relaxes quickly and we have fun session. A relaxing end to the day.

Back for a last beer, and then home. All in all a good day, with one exceptional session, two good ones and one OK one, plus decent food and a few beers in attractive surroundings - not a bad score. What more can you ask for from a day out?