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Evelyn im Saunaclub Babylon

Urlaub Evelyn im Saunaclub Babylon

27 Jahre alt, Haare
  1. schwarz
, 168cm, OW C, Deutsch 3,00 von 5 Service:
  1. Zungenküsse
. Sprachen:
  1. Deutsch


Jun 2013
Evelyn is a great discover. This brunette lady of 28.y.o is in Babylon on top of the casting and I am surprised that the Babylonians do not write more about this pearl. Okay, I'll take care of it... Very lovely face, nice body, big tits, but what is remarkable is her popo absolutely perfect. It is the last Wonder of the World (I don’t remember the number). I call the Miss on sofa and we begin to speak. Quickly, she is interested by my personal wonder of the world - the obelisk of Louxor if you want, and cute Evelyn estimate it size and hardness with her soft hands…despite the sensual dizziness, I ask some information about her service and the answers were precise and sincere. After some manual enjoying and tenderly checking kisses with tongue, she picks me in a room downstairs with mirror on ceiling I asked. I think I have never tasted a popo like hers. Licking, fingering, smelling, spitting, groping, malaxing, spanking, Doggy, stand up, missionary, her ass and her anus are a master choice…I was in Ali Baba cavern…🤪

It is right that the « hanging gardens of Babylon » is the paradise of nice popos well-shapely and well-designed (Karla, Elissa, Mary, Georgiana, Sophia, Katherin, Ramona, Alexa, Denisa, Roberta, Roxana, …all princesses of ass, goddesses of asshole, and I hate towels around the waist…). Her blow job is delicious, this girl is experienced with tongue very active and saliva as Niagara Falls, without forget testicles with sexual fluid as vicious Graal for young fiancées craving. I fucked her in all positions I can (her favourite to have climax are doggy and cow girl). The naughty Evelyn ask me more sex pleasures and I give to her until the top of my Eiffel Tower. I enjoy my sex hedonist-prey. But it is me who was her prisoner! She fucked with very natural feelings and sensations, and uninhibited sex as it was her first time…or her last time! With her, we have the impression of being her champion lover, her erotic knight, the best boy-friend, the superman who fully satisfies her. I exploded inside her pussy dripping of love cyprine like a Taurus missile! With lots of sexually active radio fallout. I stayed planted in her vagina after cum filled my so lovely slut. As sometimes when i’m in love and in climax trances, the condom almost overflowed and Evelyn did not hide her satisfaction. She smiled.

After our orgasmic wedding, mischievous Evelyn has laughed when she shaked tenderly the warm-blooded anaconda peeing a long minute in shower downstairs until it was absolutely empty. « Big dick, a lot of cum, big pee » she jokes…One hour of pure delight girl friendly sex and high level porn. And I take my ticket for next time and for more explorations.🥰